Computer Repair Central Coast

Computer Repair Central Coast

These days “computers” are one of the biggest things we depend on. Whether we use them for business or personal purposes, we always face a major inconvenience when they stop functioning. This is one of the primary reasons that makes our customers bring their computers to our Computer Technician. Many of the PC users might not know about some simple fix that they can do themselves. Today, I’m going to show you about system restore and how to perform it in Windows.

These are some of the reasons why your computer could have stopped functioning:

An update could not have been installed correctly

Your PC could have lost power during the update

Certain antivirus software could have interfered with the update.

Maybe your computer seems inactive during the installation of the update or you performed hard shut down in your computer.

Sometimes, a Windows update may not complete properly so it may stop performing properly. If the computer gets shut down while Windows is updating your drivers, then your system will become unstable. Having a corrupted driver will cause blue screen errors and disturb booting the system. This is why it is important to know how to do a system restore on your computer. Contact our Computer Shop Werribee.

System restore is a feature in Windows that allows you to check that when your computer was working fine. It runs in the background regularly and saves the data of your system settings. System restore is enabled by default in Windows but some users may disabled this feature and some users disable it manually to free up disk space. Performing a system restore windows 10 should not cause any problem to personal files, it restores your computer how it was before to the issue by restoring the Windows registry.

It’s important to know that a system restore is not an effective repair for removing a virus on your computer. When a malicious program enters, it infects the system restore points at first. One of the steps any technician will perform, when fixing a computer with virus, is to remove all previous restore points. So, making your computer from free of malware, follow these steps to make sure system restore is enabled and how to perform it:

Performing a system restore windows 10 :

Locate the Search box.

Type Create a restore point.

The “System Properties” option will pop up .

Click the “System Restore” button. Once the “System Restore” pops up, click “Next“.

The window will take you to the recent restore point. Click that restore point and click “Next“.

The final system restore process will ask you to confirm by clicking “Finish”.

Once you finish these steps, the system restore process will begin and could take minutes or hours to finish by depending on your system. Remember not to interrupt this process. After completion, your system will reboot back to your desktop and show a message that system restore completed.

Why Your PC gets Slowdown:

One of the frustrating things you face these days is dealing with a computer when it is slow or unresponsive. Sometimes you notice that applications or web pages are taking longer than usual to load. Typically it gets worse later and sometimes takes a whopping 5 or 10 minutes to completely load a webpage. This may happen because of a virus and a simple clean up of all the junk can fix this. Secondly the hard drive in your laptop or desktop may start failing and you need it to be replaced. In any case, if you noticed your PC is running slower than normal, bring your computer to our Computer Repair Central Coast so our PC Technician will help you to fix the error.

As I mentioned, there are two reasons why your PC may be running slow. Below, I explained about two of the main causes of a slow PC:


Virus is one of the most common causes of PC getting slow, which we repair very often at our Computer Store. There are more malicious PC virus out there. They can be caused by clicking on a malicious link, visiting a questionable website, Clicking a scam email or clicking a GIF or Image etc. You may be browsing and all of a sudden you receive a pop-up that says you need to call a particular number to get your fixed. This is a SCAM plain and simple.

If you encounter anything like this, do not call them, do not let them take control over your computer. Immediately contact our Online Computer Shop, and our team will take care of eradicating this virus and make your computer good as new.


Another cause for PC slowness is that your hard drive may be reaching the point where you need more space on your hard drive. Here at the Computer Store near me, we highly recommend upgrading SSD for your PC. Upgrading your hard drive can speed up your PC and give a new life. In some cases, your PC may run even faster than expected. Other than having a slow PC, there are many other issues that you may come across with your PC but these two are the main reason for the PC getting slow and our Computer Tech team will help you to fix every error in your PC.

If you are in need of any other PC error to be fixed, just give a call to our Computer Technician Support Number and we will be happy to help you and fix the error.

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