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Our Computers repairs have the team who professionally help you to upgrade or repair your Macs, Laptops, and computers. You can call us anytime if you need your computer or laptop repaired. geeks to you do not require an appointment, our geeks 2 u support team will be available for 24/7 so you can call us anytime. Our geeks2u expert technicians give you the service that you need to get your Laptop and Computer fix in a given time.

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When you are experiencing computer problems, you feel frustrated a lot and try various methods to fix but you can't do it. But, with the help of a computer and internet connection, our geeks to you technician can fix your computer and make it running once again as it was new. We always take a comprehensive approach to each and every computer repair we work to make our customers get completely satisfied.

Our Computer Technician team diagnose and repair the actual problems affecting your computer instead of simply troubleshooting the problem. This provides you with a great amount of value instead of the cheapest solution. Our technicians can provide what you need for a lasting repair on your computer or laptop or Mac.

With our knowledgeable team, we can repair your computer, Laptop and Mac quickly. Nowadays geeks 2 u know that most people revolve around a computer, whether it be work or fun or other activities. So, our primary aim is to help our clients as soon as possible to get you back on your computer quickly without wasting time.

Geeks to you expert team has a wide knowledge of working with popular computer brands such as Dell, HP, Acer and more.Geeks2ucan understand the problems associated with each individual laptop brand. This helps us repair these problems in a given time. It also lets us offer you good pricing while still offering our premium services. Geeks 2 u offer services like virus removal, PC or Laptop tuneup, data recovery, and other laptops or computer upgrades. Geeks to you can repair and then upgrade your computer or laptop so it performs the same as a new without any big cost. Geeks2uComputer service is like Geeks to you so you can trust us and contact us to get your error fixed.

Slow Computer Faults and Fixes done by geeks2u:

Slow computers are always frustrating. There are many reasons why your computer could be a slow one, from a file filled hard drive to a lack of RAM space. Before you throw away your old machine, go to a PC repair shop, or complain to the manufacturer, but make sure you've tried all other options.

Restart Your Computer

When your computer is running programs in its RAM, it only takes up a little amount of space. But later, RAM memory fills up with many other files, which will slow your computer down. As your RAM approaches capacity, the OS starts to depend on swap files programs to run.

Swap files allow your OS to use hard disk space to create extra memory. When the system is low on memory, it swaps out some from RAM memory from an idle program as the freeing up space in hard drive for other programs to run. As a result of this process, huge loads of hard disk reading and writing occurs which slows your computer.

Closing down programs is better because it creates space for other programs to run. It's not enough, then rebooting is a good idea: it makes sure programs don't run in the background while checking for other reasons for a slow computer, like viruses or software updates.

Check Your Hard Drive

If your hard drive memory is full, your computer starts to lag because the operating system doesn't have enough space to run files. At least you should have at least 500 - 700 megabytes of hard drive space available to make sure your machine runs smoothly.

Upgrade Your RAM

This is one of the costliest methods, but an efficient one: buying more memory for your computer should surely give you a boost for your PC or Laptop. The more heavy tasks are on a computer, the more RAM you need. For example, if you using your PC for games or use video-editing software, you should have a minimum of 16GB of RAM, you can add extra if you can afford it. In Laptop also you can update your RAM like in PC.

Delete Unwanted Files

Clear your download folder. Everything you download through the internet assemble here, so it is best for sorting and putting the files into the relevant folders. Old programs that you no longer use are the ones you should remove but have a look at the files that you don't need. Games, editing apps and other third party software are safe to remove. Now you want to take out any temporary files, which used to store temporary data, like the files that you use while installing software updates.

Defragment Your Hard Drive

The problem with everything you just did: as you delete data, the extra space isn't completely free of data, as there is some "fragment" leftover. If you didn’t see these tiny fragments, your computer once again gets slow.

Defragmenting makes your hard drive organizes the extra chunks of fragmented data into easily accessible. To conduct defragmentation you need to install a third-party program like TechTool Pro 12 or Drive Genius 5.

Install Pending Updates

Using old OS can affect your computer's speed. If no above solution tips didn’t help, then you should any software updates instead of clicking the "Remind Me Later" button and check for system updates in your backlog and install it immediately and take a look.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Every computer repair we perform, geeks2u always offers a 100% satisfaction because geeks to you are confident that our technician will help you with exactly what you need. Geeks2u guarantee we help you to fix all problems which affect your computer, laptop, mac and give free advice on how you can fix it. This gives you a clear view of the repairs we recommend while it still allows you to make the ultimate decision. We always listen to your needs first to understand your situation and help you to fix the error. Whether you just want to have a quick repair to hold until you buy a new device, or want a complete repair to have a feel like a new device at an affordable cost. Call our Geeks2u Support phone number and have a discussion with our technician and he will help you to fix the error as soon as possible through call or e chat .

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