Win Erx03 virus is a web page that appears on the browser automatically with a pop-up message showing about the system damage or malware attack. Microsoft says that this scam message looks legitimate and scary. When the error appears on the display, it claims that the system is missing the Windows updates or any specific software that has to be installed to prevent the system damages. Mostly, this scam is displayed via some malicious websites or the sites that have been misused for causing some intrusive commercial content on users' screens. No matter how serious this scam looks, but contacting the fake tech support team can leave you with more severe cyber errors on your PC. Win Erx03 error may appear on various versions of Windows but remember that there is no PC damage that needs to be fixed; this is caused by the malware that got into your PC.

When it comes to adware, these malicious programs come up with other bundles of free software that you need to download. Unfortunately, some free downloads disclose other software also being installed and you have installed some adware in your PC without your knowledge. Once an adware program is installed on your PC a fake “Win Erx03” error message will randomly pop-up whenever you browse the internet.

Here are a few symptoms that you have adware on your system:

Advertisements appear on the screen which they shouldn’t be.

Your browser’s homepage has been changed without your permission.

Web pages that you visit regularly are not displaying properly.

Website links redirect you to different sites from what you expected.

Browser pop ups appear on your screen about fake updates or other software.

Some unwanted programs will be installed on your PC without your knowledge.

Win Erx03 error messages appear on the screen while you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer with the message about the damage to your system or penetration of malware in your PC. The scam message may look legitimate due to the misuse of Microsoft company name so we recommend users to be careful before clicking anything.

Win Erx03 virus scamming people by delivering the following message:

This scam is related to an adware-type because Win Erx03 scam also delivers commercial content to your screen. You may notice many ads appearing on your browser or banners on your commonly visited sites because of this threat.

Win Erx03 scam is the cyber threat that shows many pop-up messages on the browser with statements about the damage of your system. You need to do a complete system scan on your device to make sure that all the threats get removed from the computer.

People complain about this Win Erx03 scam that a pop-up is appearing again and again from time to time. You need to use Task Manager to get rid of this pop-up message window directly and however, you need to terminate the main program immediately because it is the reason for these alerts.

You need to remove the Win Erx03 virus using proper tools like Norton Antivirus, this program can scan the device completely to indicate all potential threats and eliminate them and gives complete protection to your PC. Using this method you can clean the system and improve your performance of the PC.

Make sure to get reliable tools to remove Win Erx03 virus because using deceiving websites as the source of software can lead to cyber infections in your PC. When it comes to PC repair tools or antivirus programs, You need to choose the official sources without the risk.

Software bundling and deceptive websites might be more dangerous than you think

When browsing online and downloading your applications from online sources paying enough attention to the application is the main factor. When you are redirected to some suspicious web page, then immediately exit the page because you don’t know what malicious content is present on that website.

When you click on the pop-up ads you may initiate the automatic download process without your knowledge. However, freeware installations are more dangerous than skipping the ads, which decreases the risk of getting malicious programs installed.

You need to choose Advanced or Custom freeware installation options every time when you download applications or updates on the computer. This way you can select which software to install and which you don’t need to install.

Get rid of Win Erx03 virus

Make sure to remove Win Erx03 virus properly and immediately after noticing any symptoms in your PC. It is important because most unwanted programs often install additional malicious content without your knowledge that runs in the background of your computer.

Choosing automatic Win Erx03 virus removal is a good solution because you can eliminate all related files and programs of this virus at the same time. A full system scan also improves the performance of your computer and your PC gets clean.

If you failed to remove virus damage using Norton Antivirus, submit a question to our Antivirus support team, and provide as many details as possible.

Norton Antivirus offers a more thorough scan when you purchase its full version. When the free version scanner detects issues, you can fix them using the free manual repairs or you can purchase the full version to fix them automatically.

To remove Win Erx03, follow these steps:

Delete Win Erx03 from Windows:

Uninstall Win Erx03 in Windows systems

Go to Start then choose Control Panel and go to Programs and Features.

If you are a Windows 10 / Windows 8 user, click on the Windows icon to open Quick Access Menu, go to the Control Panel and select Uninstall a Program.

Remove Win Erx03 and programs related to it

Now, look at the list of programs and find the Win Erx03 or any other programs that you do not remember installing in your PC.

Right-click on these programs and select "Uninstall."

Delete Win Erx03 from Internet Explorer (IE)

Delete suspicious browser add-ons

Open Internet Explorer, now open IE by clicking the Gear icon which is present at the top right corner. Then, click Manage Add-ons.

Manage Add-ons window will appear on your screen. Now, search for Win Erx03 and other different browser add-ons. Right-click them on them and select Disable option to disable that add-on in your Internet Explorer.

If the virus altered your homepage, change it:

Click the Gear icon which is present at the top right corner and then Internet Options. Stay in the General section.

Now, delete malicious URL

Reset all Internet Explorer settings

Click on the Gear icon which is present at the top right corner and open Internet options. Then go to the Advanced section and click Reset.

A new window appears, and then you have to tick the Delete personal settings and click Reset to finalize to remove Win Erx03.

Delete Win Erx03 from Microsoft Edge

Reset settings in Microsoft Edge:

Open Microsoft Edge browser, then click on More button (present at the top-right edge of the screen).

Select Settings.

When the Settings panel appears, find the Clear browsing data section and select Choose what to clear button.

Mark all components that you want to delete.

Right-click the Start button and open Task Manager.

Go to the Processes tab and go to Microsoft Edge.

Right-click on it and select Go to details.

Once the Details tab opens, search for entries that contain Microsoft Edge name.

Once you find it, Right-click on such entries and choose the End Task option.

Delete Win Erx03 from Mozilla Firefox

The adware intruder may affect your browser individually. Follow these steps to make sure that your Firefox is clear malicious content:

Delete suspicious browser extensions

Launch Mozilla Firefox, and then open the menu.

Then, go to Add-ons → Extensions.

Now, locate Win Erx03 or any other suspicious extensions.

If you find any then Click Remove to eliminate them.

Reset all Mozilla Firefox settings

Click on the Firefox and then click the question mark thing and then, select Troubleshooting Information.

Reset Firefox to its default state. You will see the Reset Firefox button. Now, click this button a few times and finalize Remove Win Erx03.

Delete Win Erx03 from Google Chrome

Remove Win Erx03 virus or any adware content from your Google Chrome web browser:

Remove malicious extensions

Launch Google Chrome, and then open the menu.

Now, go to Tools → Extensions.

Now, look for Win Erx03 or any other suspicious extensions and click the trash icon to remove them.

Open the Chrome menu and go to Settings. Now manage Search engines under the Search section.

In default search engine settings. Remove untrustworthy or any questionable ones. We advise you to have Google or another trustworthy website of your choice.

Reset all Google Chrome settings

Open the menu and go to Settings.

Scroll down to find the Reset browser settings button and click it

Click Reset to approve this action and remove Win Erx03 on your Chrome browser.


If you still find any issues after following all these steps which we mentioned above then immediately call our Windows support toll-free number (USA:+1-855-858-5678) (UK: +44-755-108-2363) (AUS: +61- 1-800-870-190) immediately and get your error fix. Our Computer Technician will be available 24/7 so you can call us anytime and anywhere to get your error fix through phone or Support Chat. You don’t need an appointment just call us and get your error fix.

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