Microsoft Store Error Code 0x80073D05

Microsoft Store Error Code 0x80073D05

The Microsoft Store (before it was called Windows Store) is the official place for downloading games, apps, themes, and more for Windows. It’s not uncommon to show up many errors, in that many are hard to resolve.

Whether your Microsoft Store apparently has a faulty cache, stuck downloading, or something else completely, we Microsoft Help team here to provide all sorts of solutions that should hopefully get everything fixed.

Before we start looking at specific error messages, it is best to run Microsoft’s Store troubleshooter. This will detect any problems and try to fix them automatically. Even if they can’t be fixed, it’ll still be useful to know what the specific problem is.

For Troubleshooting Process:

Open file with Diagnostics Troubleshooting Wizard. Click Next option for progress.Then note any error messages which couldn’t be resolved. If you have doubts about this, then Contact Microsoft team for help.

Microsoft Error Code:

If you’ve been using Microsoft Store apps for the past couple of years, then there are many chances to come across this error. Whenever users make attempts to install apps from the store, they come across the Microsoft Store error code 0x80073D05. It occurs when there is some cache problem. However, we can fix this error by following the guide mentioned below.

Error Code 0x80073D05 means the error occurs when DELETING EXISTING APPLICATION DATA STORE FAILED, means deleting the package previously existing application data.

The Visual Studio simulator is a desktop application that simulates a Microsoft App Store. If the error occurs when the simulator is running, then close the simulator. You can also get this error if the files open in the app data.

This error occurs if you installed and removed the same application that you are trying to install once again. Sometimes the apps from the Windows store can leave old packages behind, and that causes the problems when attempting the reinstall.

First you should try the following fixes:

Close the simulator

Run the Troubleshooter

Run WSReset.exe

If the above mentioned steps don't work then you need to follow the detailed steps we mentioned below for you.

Microsoft Store error 0x80073D05

An error occurred while deleting the package’s previously existing application data. You get this error if you had installed the app before.

The first thing we want to do is to locate the Packages folder in AppData.

Run dialog box by pressing the Windows key + R

Type %localappdata% in the Run dialog box

Hit the Enter key and wait for the Local folder from within AppData to appear.

Scroll down until you see, Packages folder and then open it.

The next rename the app folder on your Windows 10 computer. Next return to the Microsoft Store, select the ellipses, then click on Download and Updates.

From there, choose All Owned, find the affected app, then download the file again.

You can restart your Windows 10 computer before you begin the download process for better results.

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then immediately call our Microsoft Support team,so our team will help you to fix the error.

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