Pornographic virus alert from Microsoft is a scam that makes users believe that their computers were infected with some viruses by Microsoft and, because of that the PC has been locked. The pop-up message appears in your display while using Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or any other web browser. Typically, users can see the Pornographic virus alert from Microsoft pop-up message because of adware. Pornographic virus alert from Microsoft virus shows that the user’s computer has been blocked due to some computer infection from a porn site. They make Users call fake tech support at a given Number, or any other number for help. The virus alert has nothing to do with Microsoft or any pornographic sites, as it is simply to scam users to provide remote access to their PC or pay for fake tech support. Like VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT, a Pornographic virus alert from Microsoft is also a tech support scam that can lead you to many issues, e.g., identity theft, money loss, personal data loss, and other similar problems. After you call the Fake tech support number the cybercriminals try to get remote access to your computer system by installing the Team Viewer or any other remote access software.

The fake Pornographic virus pop-up message may appear after you install any potentially unwanted program (PUP) on your system. In most cases, the viruses spread around without your knowledge because of the freeware installers with some optional components and earn some money from it. The PUP program hiding behind the “Pornographic virus alert from Microsoft” modifies the web browser to start showing the scams and other fake alerts.

Just like these tech support scams, the alert message warns the victim that their computer was infected due to some unsafe pornographic websites. As a solution, the scammers suggest calling the fake tech support provided phone number. The Pornographic virus alert also threatens their victims that there is a risk of having your sensitive data exposed due to malware hiding inside the Windows PC.

You will receive the Pornographic virus alert from Microsoft Pop-up message like this:

PORNOGRAPHIC VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT is a false virus alert that tricks users by alerting them about viruses found on their PC so that they will call the fake tech support number which is shown in the Pop-up message. By using them they try to extort money or information from you, so you should not fall for that trick. When dealing with various notifications and online messages like this, be aware that a legitimate company would never provide a contact number, they just show the error code like 0134, 0198.

Cybercriminals are using the Microsoft Windows logo to make it more legitimate of the Pornographic virus alert but it is only a part of the social engineering attack. Web browser notifications can sometimes successfully replicate the legitimate pop-ups, so don't get tricked by that, be careful whenever you receive the pop-up message.

Sometimes, “Pornographic virus alert from Microsoft” virus pop-up message locks the window and does not let you close it, so you have to open the Task Manager and end the process of Chrome, Firefox, or another web browser by using the Task Manager.

If you are experiencing this scam often, even when you are browsing via safe websites, you need to check your computer system for the PUP program. To eradicate PORNOGRAPHIC VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT. First, check your recently-installed applications and uninstall all the suspicious app. Additionally, you will have to clean your web browsers, add-ons, extensions, plugins, etc.

Remove Pornographic virus alerts from Microsoft can also be done automatically. If you are a less-experienced PC user then we suggest detecting some unwanted applications by using anti-malware tools like Norton antivirus. To get rid of all suspicious components, use Norton Antivirus, they will help you to restore your system to its previous state by fixing virus damage and fix corrupted system files.

If you are the victim of this scam and experiencing these issues whenever you open your web browser. Then you need to take some immediate action to remove PORNOGRAPHIC VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT virus from your Windows system. Make sure that no small particles of this virus are left on your computer and web browsers.

The PORNOGRAPHIC VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT virus removal can be performed by the user himself by using genuine anti-malware software. If you have enough skills in threat elimination and computer operating, you can go for the step-by-step guide that we have mentioned below. If you think it is way more complicated than you can call our Microsoft customer service and he will help you to fix the error. However, if you are looking for a quick and safer method to remove these suspicious programs then use a reputable anti-malware and deal with the process in no time.



To remove all “potentially unwanted software” in Windows use these instructions:

Click Start → Go to Control Panel → Click Programs and Features.

If you are a Windows 10 / Windows 8 user, then right-click in the lower-left corner of the screen to open the Quick access menu, now select Control Panel and Uninstall a Program.

Uninstall PORNOGRAPHIC VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT programs and other programs

Here, look for PORNOGRAPHIC VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT program and any recently installed suspicious programs.

Uninstall them and click OK to save changes.


Get rid of PORNOGRAPHIC VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT virus from Google Chrome by using this guide:

Delete malicious plugins

Open Google Chrome, click on the menu icon, and select Tools section → Go to Extensions.

Here, select the malicious plugins and delete them.

Click on the menu icon, Go to Settings, Select Manage Search engines under the Search section.

In Search Engines settings remove malicious search sites. You should leave only on Google or any legitimate domain name.

Reset Google Chrome

Click on the menu icon and select the Settings section.

Go to the end of the page and click Reset browser settings.

Click Reset to confirm this action for completion of removing PORNOGRAPHIC VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT virus.

Remove the PORNOGRAPHIC VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT virus from Internet Explorer (IE)

Remove all the suspicious-looking objects from your Internet Explorer by following these instructions:

Remove dangerous add-ons

Open Internet Explorer, click on the menu (Gear icon) and choose Manage Add-ons.

You will see a Manage Add-ons window. Your look for suspicious plugins and disable these entries by clicking Disable option

Change your homepage if it was altered by the virus:

Click on the gear icon (menu) and select Internet Options. Stay in the General tab.

Now, remove the malicious URL and enter the preferable domain name like Google. Now, click Apply to save changes.

Reset Internet Explorer

Click on the gear icon and click the Internet settings options. Go to Advanced tab.

Here, select the Reset option.

When in the new window, go to Delete personal settings and select Reset again to complete the virus removal process.

Uninstall from Microsoft Edge

To fix this error in Microsoft Edge, remove all suspicious extensions, add-ons, or plug-ins:

Reset Microsoft Edge settings (Method 1):

Open Microsoft Edge app and click More option.

Click Settings.

Once the Settings section opens you click to Choose what to clear button.

Now, select what you wish to remove and click the Clear option.

Now open Task Manager.

Go to the Processes tab and select Microsoft Edge.

Right-click on them and select End Task.


Clear your Mozilla Firefox web browser by following this guide:

Remove malicious extensions

Open Mozilla Firefox, click on the menu icon and select Add-ons → select Extensions.

Now, select the questionable plugins and click Remove to disable these entries.

Reset Mozilla Firefox web browser

Click on the Firefox menu and click on the question mark (Help Option). In that choose Troubleshooting Information.

Now you will Reset Firefox to its default state with the Reset Firefox button. Click this button several times and complete the virus removal process.


By following all these methods on different web browsers still, you can get rid of PORNOGRAPHIC VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT then immediately call our Microsoft customer service (USA:+1-855-858-5678) (UK: +44-755-108-2363) (AUS: +61- 1-800-870-190) immediately and get your error fix. We are available 24/7 so you can call us anytime and anywhere to get your error fix through phone or Support Chat.

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