Apple Mac devices come with two input devices i.e. Mouse and Keyboard. It is quite tough to work when the mouse cursor disappears in your Mac device and you have no idea what to do. Because the issue of disappearing mouse cursor happens randomly on Mac, there is no specific reason for a Mac cursor disappearing from the display screen.

Causes of Mouse Cursor Disappears in Mac

Many Apple Mac Device users facing the mouse cursor disappearing issue. They often find it happens while using their Mac device. You may have the question, why does my mouse keep disappearing on my Mac? Well, there is no specific reason for that issue. It can happen to any Mac device at any time. Here are some of the common causes of Mouse keep disappearing in Mac as follows:

Your Mac is running on the low available memory.

Open many Web Browsers at the same time on your Mac.

Many Third-Party Software tabs are open at the same time on your Mac.

You are using an app or software that does not require input from Mouse e.g. Watching Videos on YouTube.

Your Mac System is connected with multiple displays with high resolution.

Any other reason for Mouse Cursor disappearing in Mac.

Simple Techniques to Get Back Disappeared Mouse Cursor in Mac

Mouse Cursor disappears in Mac is not a problem you need to worry. Sometimes this error occurs because of a screensaver or a web page you visit through a browser. We did some research to find out some simple methods to fix the disappearing mouse cursor in Mac. These techniques will help you to get the disappeared mouse cursor back on your Apple Mac device screen:

Check Mouse Cable Connections:

When the Mouse Cursor disappears the first thing you should do is check the mouse cable. Check whether the cable is properly plugged into your Apple Mac device. A loose cable can cause the mouse cursor to often disappear and reappear in Mac. If you are using a wireless mouse then check the battery level of the mouse.

Press Right Click:

Sometimes the Mouse Cursor appears when you press the Right Click button of the Mouse. Press the Right-Click or Control-Click to open the right-click menu and see the cursor on the Mac screen appear. If you are using an Apple Mac Trackpad then click with two fingers at the same time and check whether the cursor appears or not. These two actions mostly bring the Mouse Cursor back in view to your Mac display.

Use Three-Finger Swipe:

Every Apple MacBook comes with a Trackpad or Touchpad. You may be using an external mouse, but the trackpad has some exciting features like two-finger swipe, three-finger swipe. When your mouse cursor disappears in your device then you should use the three-finger swipe on the trackpad or touchpad to reappear on the screen. Wait at least for 15 to 20 seconds and again do another three-finger swipe to the left to get back to the finder screen. Now you can see the mouse cursor should be appearing back on the Mac screen.

Scroll Down or Scroll Up:

The mouse cursor helps you to move around the Mac screen. When the cursor disappears then it’s totally blind play. We have found a great technique to get the mouse cursor back to appear on the Mac screen. On the Mac device, you need to scroll down to the dock and click or scroll up to the menu bar and click. The Mac mouse cursor will reappear on your Mac screen.

Disable Third-Party Screensavers:

Third-Party Screensavers are available in many websites and will make your Mac screen beautiful. But sometimes they hide the mouse cursor from the Mac screen. You can disable the third-party screensavers and restart your Mac. After doing this mostly the mouse cursor must start appearing again on your Mac desktop.

If the basic techniques don’t work, then you need to try the advanced fix for disappearing mouse cursor in Mac by following the methods mentioned below.

How to Fix Disappearing Mouse Cursor in Mac

Every use frustrates when the Mouse Cursor disappears in Mac because your work completely relies on the Mouse and Keyboard so if anyone gives fault then your work totally gets disturbed. In such a situation, you need to find the solution for the disappeared mouse cursor on your Apple Mac device. We find some best ways to fix the mouse cursor that keeps disappearing in Mac. Here we provide the best methods to fix disappearing mouse cursor on Mac as follows:

01. Get Help of Siri

Apple Inc. introduced Siri. Siri is a very useful tool for every Apple device user. Anything you want to perform in your Mac system like searching for something in Safari, you can ask Siri to do that. She will obey your orders and perform the task quickly. You can ask help for Siri when the Mouse cursor disappears from the Mac display screen. Here we will show how Siri can help you to get back your disappeared mouse cursor.

Steps to Use Siri to Fix Disappearing Mouse Cursor in Mac

01. Launch Siri on your Mac (Press and Hold the Command and Space bar at the same time). 02. Ask Siri to Increase the Mouse Cursor Size. 03. The Siri will open System Preferences and Increase the Pointer Size. 04. Check whether the Mouse Cursor is appearing now on the Mac screen. After the Mouse Cursor Size increased, it should appear on your screen. If the Mouse cursor is still not visible then you have to apply some other method.

02. Change Accessibility Settings

Apple Mac device contains Accessibility Settings. These settings include so many options for vision, media, sound, interacting, etc. You can change mouse settings in Accessibility settings to bring the Mouse cursor again on your Mac desktop. The mouse cursor disappears in Mac can be fixed by changing a few options in Accessibility Settings as follows:

[I] Increase Cursor Size

01. Open Apple Menu and go to the System Preferences option. 02. Click on “Accessibility” option. 03. Select “Display” in the left sidebar. 04. Go to “Cursor Size” and increase the size. The increased cursor size will help you locate the mouse cursor more easily on your Mac display screen.

[II] Enable Shake Pointer to Locate

01. Open Apple menu and click on “System Preferences” option 02. Select “Accessibility”. 03. Select the “Display” option. 04. Find and Check the box “Shake mouse pointer to locate.” After enabling, shake the mouse to find out where the pointer is located on the Mac device screen.

03. Open Force Quit Applications Window

This is one of the best ways to fix the disappearing cursor in the Mac system. When the mouse cursor becomes invisible, you cannot perform the tasks which you want to do using the mouse. So you want to get back your mouse cursor pointer soon. Here we are going to use one of the Mac keyboard shortcuts to get your mouse cursor back on your Mac screen. Open the Force Quit Applications window on the Mac device. This window is used when an app does not close normally. But here, you don’t have that issue and you don’t need to force quit any application on Mac. We will use this method to open the Force Quit Applications window and the mouse cursor will return by itself.

04. Reset SMC on Mac

The System Management Controller (SMC) is responsible for various functions on Mac computers. Such functions include Responding to Presses of the Power Button, Battery Management, Thermal Management, Sudden Motion Sensor (SMS), Keyboard Backlighting, Status Indicator Light (SIL) Management and Battery Status Indicator Lights. SMC is an important part of the Mac Desktop Computer system. When the Mouse Cursor disappears in Mac, you should try this technique. Just reset the SMC on a Mac device to fix this issue. By resetting the SMC, you can resolve many problems on your Mac device without any harm. Here we provide the steps to Reset SMC on Mac Computer and MacBook devices:

Steps to Reset SMC on MacBook with Removable Battery

Shutdown your MacBook Remove the Battery from MacBook. Press and hold the Power button at least for 5 seconds, then release it. Put the Battery back into the MacBook. Press the Power button to turn on the MacBook. Check if the Mouse Cursor is appearing on the MacBook display.

Steps to Reset SMC on MacBook with Non-Removable Battery

01. On your MacBook, go to Apple Menu and select the “Shutdown” option. 02. Wait till the MacBook completely shuts down. 03. Press and Hold Shift-Control-Option keys 04. Press and Hold the Power button at the same time. 05. Hold these four keys for at least 10 seconds, then release. 06. Press the Power button once to turn on the MacBook. 07. Now, look at the MacBook Desktop to know if the Mouse Cursor is back or still it’s missing. Note: If you are using a MacBook Pro with Touch ID then it is also the work as the Power button. You can hold the Touch ID when you reset the SMC on your MacBook Pro.

Steps to Reset SMC on Mac Desktop Computer System

Open “Shut Down” your Mac Computer After Shutdown, Unplug the Power Cord. After 10- 15 seconds, Plugin the Power Cord again. Wait for 5 seconds. Turn on your Mac Computer System. Check if the Mouse Cursor is back or still disappearing. After trying the Reset SMC on Mac you still have the mouse cursor missing from your Mac screen then try our next method.

05. Reset PRAM or NVRAM on Mac

PRAM (Parameter Random Access Memory)and NVRAM (Nonvolatile Random Access Memory) both store similar information so the reset process is the same for both of them. The PRAM is a small amount of memory that your Mac uses to store certain settings and access them quickly. The settings stored on PRAM or NVRAM include sound volume, display resolution, startup disk selection, time zone, and recent kernel panic information. By resetting the PRAM on your Mac your Mouse Cursor disappears from the Mac screen error will get fixed. See the steps mentioned below to reset PRAM/NVRAM on Mac as follows:

Steps to Reset PRAM or NVRAM on Mac

“Shut Down” Your Mac device. Wait till your Mac System completely shuts down. Press the Power button and immediately press & hold these four keys ( Option-Command-P-R) simultaneously. Hold those four keys for at least 20 seconds. Release all the keys and start the Mac System. You have reset the PRAM/NVRAM on your Mac device. Check if the Mouse Cursor is appearing now on your Mac screen.

Final Words:

All the information mentioned above about the Mouse Cursor Disappearing in Mac is true and fair. The methods shared here by using our personal experiment on an Apple Mac System. If you have more queries regarding Mac Mouse Disappeared then contact the Myappleonline Helpline Number (USA:+1-855-858-5678) (UK: +44-755-108-2363) (AUS: +61- 1-800-870-190). Our team will be available 24/7 so you can contact our mac support anytime and connect with our Mac technician through phone or live chat support and get your error fix.

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