WiFi authentication error occurred

Did you try to connect to your Wi-Fi network recently and experiencing an authentication problem? Or, you try to connect your Android device to a Wi-Fi network, but any authentication error occurred? Don't need to worry about it, because this issue is common in Android devices and can be fixed easily.

The wifi authentication error occurs even if you have used the correct Wi-Fi password. This will be an annoying one because when you want to use the internet urgently and you are stuck with this and it can be even worse when you are unable to use your mobile network at that time. This problem occurs because of various reasons. There can be an issue with your wireless network or with your Android phone or perhaps both.

We have provided some solutions in this guide to solve this WiFi authentication error. Follow the guidelines and get your error fix.

What is Wi-Fi Authentication Problem?

The Wi-Fi authentication error occurs when you are failed in trying to connect to any Wi-Fi network with the correct credentials.

When you try to connect your Wi-Fi network with your device, the device will connect to that network and save the password. But when this problem occurs, you will receive a notification that it is authenticating and after a few minutes, you will see "authentication problem" under the network name which you are trying to connect.

When you are trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network, the device will first send a connection request, with the password to the router. Then, the router will compare the password stored with the received data.

If the data matches, then you see that the device gets connected. If it doesn't, you will get an authentication error. So, the Wi-Fi authentication problem will not let your Android device connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Authentication Error Occur with Wi-Fi on Android device

The Wi-Fi authentication problem is occurring on an Android device because of multiple reasons. They are:

Whenever the router has some malfunctions, your device will not connect to the Wi-Fi network and you will receive a notification saying that you are experiencing an authentication error.

Have you recently updated your device? If yes, then you might have any issues with the drivers.

The connection between the device and router must be stable otherwise you can experience this error.

Check whether you are connecting to the correct Wi-Fi network. You may try to connect to a network with duplicate names and you experience this authentication error.

Sometimes, the number of devices that can use the Wi-Fi network is limited up to a certain number and your device won't connect to the network if that limit exceeds.

Advanced Ways to Fix Authentication Problem on Android

Here are some advanced ways that are recommended first:

Change the Wireless Network Configuration from DHCP to Static

An IP conflict can cause any type of connection drop and creates issues. Even with any Android device, you can face these types of issues. Fix this issue by changing the setting from DHCP to Static IP.

Open Settings and select the Wi-Fi connection.

Long press on the Wi-Fi network name and select the Modify Network option.

Select the Show Advanced Settings box and see the IP settings. Now, change the network settings from DHCP to Static.

You will see the IP address below. Note down the information in the static IP address field and then delete it.

Now re-enter the same information in that box and then save it.

Contact our wifi support phone number if you are unsure of the settings that are displayed on the screen.

Update Android OS

We recommend you make sure that your Android OS is updated to the latest version in your Android device. When you don't update the device, there are more chances that these bugs will not be fixed.

Go to Settings, Click About Phone.

The "System Updates" option will be displayed and you can check the update by clicking it. In some Android devices, there will be a separate tab for System Update option in the Settings.

Now, if there is an update available, download the update first and then install it. Once the update has finished then your issue will be fixed.

Use WPS Push Button

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is security for creating a home network without any password.

Go to Settings, Click Wireless & Networks, select Advanced Settings. Depending on your modes, you can find various WPS options.

Tap on a WPS Push-button. WPS setup will appear on your screen.

Now press the WPS button on your router and wait for the connection to establish.

Use A Specialized Android System Repair Tool

Sometimes this authentication error occurred due to some unknown software problems, so the best way is to rely on a professional Android system repair tool to help you. So find some repairing tool that helps to fix all Android issues and can be solved within minutes.

Factory Reset Your Android Device

When you have tried all the above mentioned possible solutions and still you are experiencing Wi-Fi authentication error, then you need to factory reset your Android smartphone. Remember that this method will erase all the data on your Android device. So before performing the factory reset on your device just make sure that you backup all the personal data of your device.

Contact Your Mobile Carrier

Even after trying all the methods if still, the Wi-Fi authentication error exists, you need to contact your mobile carrier and check whether there is some issue in the Device hardware. Mention to the technical team that you have already tried the solutions for solving this error so that you don't have to try the above methods again.

Common methods to Fix Android Wi-Fi Authentication Problem

Just like the other issues, there cannot be a single solution for the Wi-Fi authentication problem. If you want to try the simple methods first, try these following solutions one by one for solving this issue.

Reset the Wi-Fi Network

First, reset the connection between the router and the Android device. This solution has helped many users in solving this particular error.

Open Settings and select Wi-Fi in the Network Connections option.

Wi-Fi connection names will be listed. Find the one you are trying to connect to and then long-press on it. You can see two option( Forget Network and Modify)

Choose the Forget Network option.

Now enter the password and reconnect to the Wi-Fi network. Now take a look at that problem fix and your device is connected to the network.

Restart the Router

Sometimes the electronic devices will be working correctly when restarted. So, try to restart the router and see if you are able to connect your device to the particular Wi-Fi network.

Turn off the wireless router and wait for a few minutes and then turn on the router again. It will take some time before any device connects to the router.

After turning on the router, connect your device with the WiFi network, and check if the connection is working without issue.

Reset Network Settings

One of the best solutions to fix this issue is to reset the network settings of your device..

Open Settings and go to Backup & Reset option.

Now select Network Reset settings option.

Now click Reset Settings.

Once the process completes, open the Wi-Fi and try to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Use Airplane Mode

Turning on Airplane mode can be useful to fix these issues because often mobile network signals may interfere with the wireless network. When you enable the Airplane mode, the RF(Radio Frequency) signal on your phone will be turned off.

Turn off the mobile and Wi-Fi network in your device before clicking the airplane mode. You can also do this by clicking the airplane symbol in the quick settings menu.

With the Airplane mode on, now turn on Wi-Fi. If your device gets connected with the Wi-Fi network successfully then you can open settings and turn off the Airplane mode.

Check the Number of Supported Devices

Modems can support a limited number of devices. Go to the Wi-Fi router settings and see the maximum number of devices that can be connected to the WiFi network. Increase the number of devices and save the settings. Now your device may get connected to the WiFi network.

Check Network Security Type

Sometimes the network security type can be a reason for this particular issue. If you know the credentials of the router, you can change the network security type within minutes.

If WPA is the security protocol, change it to WPA2 and vice versa. After that reconnect to the wireless network.

Check the Network Name for Duplicates

Often the authentication problem occurs when the credentials of the WiFi network do not match. You might have entered the right password, but there are chances that you are connecting to some other network with the same name.

Change the network name is the best solution and to avoid any confusion. Now enter the password and check if your device is able to connect to the wifi network.


The above-mentioned solutions are the best for solving the WiFi authentication problem. After trying the above methods, we believe your device successfully got connected to the wireless network. You need to follow the steps correctly to solve this problem or contact our WiFi Support Phone number for fixing this issue or any other issue.

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