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Most of the devices from big brands suffer from some errors. There is no glitch-free device and Mac is also on that list. In this, we discuss the mail not working on the Mac issue.

Users of Mac devices may suffer from having issues sending or receiving any emails. If you are also affected by that error, then you came to the right place.

Our Apple Support team researched the error well and we have come up with a solution to overcome the error in every possible way. You can do those fixes by yourself easily. Get to know the types of common mailbox problems on Mac devices and the causes of these problems.

Some Common Mac Mail Problems:

You can get this issue in different forms. We have listed some of the most common regarding Mac mail not working. Check it out and find the error which you are experiencing.

Mails not showing up on your Mac

Email is not working

Can send emails but not able to receive, vice versa

Mail is not working with a particular login credentials

These are the most common errors of mail not working on the Mac which most of the users face.

Causes Behind Mac Mail Not Working:

Well, there are some reasons that restrict you to receive or send an email. The core causes behind this mail culprit on your Mac can help you to fix the error quickly. The basic three causes are:

Wrong email password

Improper account settings

A faulty email client or app

You need to overcome these basic factors to get rid of this Mac mail not working issue.

Solutions to Fix Mac Mail:

We have seperated solutions into two different parts. The first is for the users who are facing this problem, on Apple Mail. The second part consists of solutions that can be used for any other email apps. Our Apple Support Australia is an expert in fixing any Apple and Windows devices. Contact apple support if you are in need of any help related to fixing this error.

How to Fix Mac Mail on Apple Mail?

You can troubleshoot the problems in Apple Mail by using some in-built features of Apple Mail. Check out some troubleshooting steps to eradicate the mail error.

Fix 1: Use Troubleshooting Tools

Apple mail has launched three main troubleshooting tools. They are Activity Window, Connection Doctor and Mail Logs.

You can find the Activity Window whenever you launch Apple Mail. You receive any kind of error message there.

Connection doctor helps you to check whether Apple Mail is connected to the internet connection or not. It checks whether the mail account is able to send or receive emails.

You can check Mail Logs if there is any new email. You can activate this tool just by: Window>Connection Doctor>Log Connection Activity.

Fix 2: Replace Apple Mail account to Another Mac Device

You can transfer Apple Mail to another Mac device and check if it works. If you have tried the troubleshooting but haven’t succeeded then try this.

Launch Apple Mail on another Mac device. Login by using your Apple Mail account login credentials. Further, check if you can send and receive emails now. If you still face any errors then contact our Apple Support Number and get your error fixed.

Fix 3: Restore Contact Data

If your Apple mail fails to auto-complete the email address, then you use this simple fix. You must restore contact data on your Apple Mail account by using the following guidelines:

Go to the Applications folder and find the Contacts folder and click it.

Choose the Export option.

You have to select where you have made the Contacts archive and click the Open option.

Choose Replace All option to replace the contact details.

Now, open Apple Mail and check if your auto-complete option is working right.

Fix 4: Clear Junk and Spam Mails

You might have to deal with many email issues when your Apple Mail has filled with junk and spam emails. You should clear them regularly. Clear them and check whether the issue gets resolved.

How to Fix Mac Mail on Other Email Apps?

If you are not able to send or receive emails on other email software like Gmail or Yahoo mail, then you should follow these steps and get fix your error. We bought up some simple fixes to get rid of Mac mail not working issues.

Fix 1: Verify the Password

Make sure that you haven’t typed an expired password to log in your email account. Check if the password is valid or not. You can get your password verified through a registered mobile number or any other email account. Without a verified password, your emails won’t synchronize and you won’t be able to send or receive one.

Fix 2: Verify the Username

If you don’t provide the accurate username which you mentioned while signing up, you can't log in. If you can’t log in then you can’t use any of the send or receive options in emails. Always just make sure that you have provided the right username and maintain all the characters of the username in a case sensitive while log in.

Fix 3: Check the Account Type

There are mainly three types of email accounts: IMAP, Exchange, and POP3. You need to make sure that you are using your email account in the right configuration. Follow these steps below.

Open the specific mail app and go to Preferences option.

Go to Accounts.

Now, you need to verify the type of email account. The type mentioned below the name of the account.

If you find out that the type of email is incorrect, then change the type using the drop-down menu.

Check, if you are able to send and receive emails on your Mac device. If you are struggling with any other error in Gmail or Yahoo mail.

or Hotmail immediately call our Apple Tech Support Australia, our team will help you to fix any kinds of error in your email. Our Apple support contact number is available for 24/7 so you can call us anytime, anywhere.

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You can also check whether there is an error with both incoming and outgoing mail servers.You can disable the third-party antivirus software to check if it works. We think this article was helpful to remove Mac mail not working issues. If you are still suffering with any of the issues in your Mac mail, MacBook software issues, iCloud issues then immediately give a call to our Apple customer support so our team will help you fix the error.

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